Meet The Team



At the heart of Ophelia we have Nicola, soon to be married to Dan! Nicola loves being able to get lost in crafting, with no rules she’s able to let her mystical creativities take over. The more ambitious the arrangement the better. More is more! Her favourite flowers are anything soft, wispy, dreamy and whimsical like arrangements that appear as though they belong in a dream scene.


Being part of the Humber Street community means that Nicola doesn’t feel like she is “going to work”, instead she feels at home and loves being part of the indie creative vibe. However, Nicola has recently given birth to beautiful baby Otis and is taking time away from Ophelia for her maternity leave. Saying that, if there are any big events that need mesmerizing arrangements, she’ll most likely not be able to resist coming in to help - even with Otis strapped to her chest!


General Manager

Dan, soon to be married to Nicola, took over the running of Ophelia as Nicola got further into her pregnancy (and almost unable to walk!).

He barely knows anything about flowers (other than it being his surname!), he leaves that to all the resident experts. He does love a good spreadsheet or two though.

Dan enjoys his time working at Ophelia especially because of the energy and vibe that surrounds Humber Street. He feels lucky to work in a community with such a positive atmosphere.

When Dan isn’t managing the magic that happens here at Ophelia, he’s attending to his day-job as a professional poker player of 14 years.


Flower Artist

The start to finish process of anything really interests Kelly, she loves to get absorbed in the ordering, delivery, unpacking and wrapping of the fabulous florals; making every day feel like Christmas on Humber Street.

There’s always something new and intriguing for Kelly to create at Ophelia, she especially enjoys spur of the moment vase filling and bunch creations. Knowing she has played a part in the artistic process is more than satisfying for her.

In her spare time she enjoys the Art of Pyrography, which translates to writing with fire. With a specialist hot pen on wood, she uses this slow therapeutic process to relax and create stunning and bespoke art.

Kelly adores flowers that are more on the unusual side such as Giant Banksia Blooms and especially Protea Compacta and XL Protea Rosette due to their wooden appearance.


Flower Artist

Katie's probably the most creative of everyone at Ophelia! She's amazing at being able to visualise an idea in her head and bring it to life. With so many ideas brewing and an endless variety of stems and blooms in store, where better a place for her to express her creativity than at Ophelia?

Katie’s passion for creativity broadens from designing prints on photoshop to interior design and renovation. In fact, she’s also talented musically too! She plays the drums and used to perform in Hull indie band Kill Surf City in which she also had the opportunity to play at Leeds Festival in 2007.

Humber Street holds a special place in both her and her husband’s hearts as they enjoyed their wedding party there. Both now have their hands full raising their daughters Vada and Dexy, whilst also enjoying nature and camping.


Flower Artist

Liv joined us as a 15 year old as a temporary cover back when we were serving drinks, but impressed so much with her creative skills and outgoing personality that she's been trained up as a flower consultant and has done amazing in her new role.

Liv is only part time as she spends weekdays at college, studying computing among other things, but loves the Humber Street vibe and interacting with customers.

She's very friendly, so long as you don't call her Olive!




Flower Artist

Jade, like Kelly, joined us from Boux Avenue in St Stephens where their excellent customer service training was a perfect fit for all the chatting to customers that happens day to day at Ophelia.

Jade loves chatting to customers, with wedding consultations being her favourite part of the job.

Like most mums, her spare time outside of work is taken up doing exactly that!