Q: How long do dried flowers last?

A: Dried flowers last for several years, and if treated well, decades.

Q: How should I care for my dried flowers?

A: Dried flowers are best kept indoors, out of direct sunlight and ideally in a room lacking moisture.

Q: Can I tailor the products shown on your website to suit my colour scheme/ budget/ preferred stems?

A: Absolutely, just get in touch using the contact details shown at the footer.

Q: How do I go about arranging a wedding consultation?

A: Simply get in touch using the contact details shown below and we'll book you in. During the consultation we'll look at different types of flowers, colours and plan the whole thing based on your preferences and budget. Prior to your wedding we'll send regular picture updates so we can tweak as we go, if necessary.

Q: When booking a wedding, what deposit is required?

A: A 20% deposit is required up front, with the rest being paid upon delivery.

Q: Are your large pieces available for rental?

A: Yes, all large pieces we have in-store such as wedding arches and the ones shown here are available for rental, subject to a deposit covering the cost of any damage. Enquire using the below contact details.

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